Food for Thought

At the risk of adding more fodder for the search engine, I tell the following story…

It’s lunchtime. 

Something about food makes my children’s brains go haywire. 

They wiggle a lot.

They laugh a lot.

They become clumsy and spill any liquid matter within their reach.

They talk about silly things.

Today at lunch there was just such a silly conversation.  It ended with “What if every single Pokemon tooted at the same time?”  I say it ended because I stopped it right there before it went downhill.  (Some things you just gotta nip in the bud.)

I had to stifle my laugh, because seriously people, the image of all the world’s Pokemon engaging in a simultaneous toot kind of cracked me up.  What would you call that, a Poke-toot? 

Maybe I spend too much time around them…

Food for Thought

5 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. mediocreperfectionist says:

    LOL… that is hilarious! Where do they come up with this stuff?

    BTW… my vote is for Pika-toot. (Pikachu is a pokemon, right? We’re not quite there yet around here so I’m not hip to the poke-lingo. All too soon, no doubt.)

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