Those Feet Were Made for Walkin’

The last week has been pretty good.  Except for the whole misbehaving, writing punishment episodes I mean.  Really, the difference has been in Ella.  She walks now.  I know I said she walked before, but now she really walks.  Every where.  Around and around.  All.Day.Long.  I’m cooking supper, she’s walking around the island.  I’m cleaning the kitchen, she’s walking around the family room.  I’m doing laundry, she’s walking in circles around the house.  It’s great!  She just walks around.  There’s no fussing, there’s no discontent.  It’s just happiness, screeches and squeals and walkin’. 

Last night she walked around my bedroom with a videotape of the Redskins 1991 football season.  (I know, I’m dating myself here).  This seems to be the item of choice for her when she’s in my bedroom.  (Couldn’t it be something a little more feminine?  And no, I don’t know why there is a 17 year old football videotape in my bedroom.  And did y’all know that football coaches curse a lot?  I digress…)  Anyway…

She carried it around, she oooo’d and aaaaah’d.  

She walked.

She held that videotape up high above her head as though it were an offering.

She shouted and she walked.

She shook the box. 

She looked at it, looked at it more closely, and then held it out at arms length. 

She squealed, and walked around some more.

“Mama” she said, snuggled into my legs, and looked up at me.  She showed me her football videotape.

She walked around in circles.  She just walked.

What a hoot!  

I thank God every day for her, for this little baby girl.  She lifts my heart, she makes me laugh, she helps me to notice and appreciate the little things.  She reminds me how precious my children are.  I love her.  


Those Feet Were Made for Walkin’

2 thoughts on “Those Feet Were Made for Walkin’

  1. citystreams says:

    How sweet. She’s adorable. I can’t wait until Bri can walk. Today when I picked her up from the daycare the lady informed that all of the other babies are pulling up now except Bri. Even one girl who’s three months younger. Sigh.

  2. Marcy says:

    Awww…look at those cheeks. It is a bit easier when they become more mobile. Cute about the video tape….even if it is the Redskins 😉

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