I Will Not…


For those of you who asked for photos after Tuesday’s fun time, here you go.  I’ll leave to your imagination what he did to deserve this one.  Come September, this boy’s handwriting is going to be superb!

Oh, and just fyi, writing is not a good punishment for little girls.  I told Kate to write the same thing 100 times.  I even numbered it for her.  You know what she did?  She wrote it 110 times.  And she numbered those extra 10 lines, too.  Is she trying to mess with me???

I Will Not…

2 thoughts on “I Will Not…

  1. silentladyk says:

    I guess Kate like to write! How old are your little ones? Where do you get those kind of sheets? Just curious, never seen them… at first glance I thought they were attendance roll sheets. 😀 They kind of looked like it. Anyway, I like your blog!

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