Boys and Rocks

Boys like rocks.  They collect them.  I find rocks in their pockets.  I find them under the sofa and in the bathtub.  I find rocks at the bottom of the hamper and I find them in my dryer.  Thinking I might be able to contain the rock collection to a single spot, I gave my boys a nice mason jar to keep their special rocks in. 

Boys also like to shake things.  Especially if the shaking creates noise.  Noise that is made by their special rocks klinkety-klanking around in their glass mason jar.   

Just fyi, it doesn’t take a whole lotta klinkety-klank before a mason jar shatters. 



Boys and Rocks

2 thoughts on “Boys and Rocks

  1. citystreams says:

    Doh! Reminds me of Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer. Think of the lesson they learned. It’s a physical science lesson…

  2. All good things for me to keep in mind as my one and only boy becomes more and more of a real boy every day. Not a “real” boy in a Pinocchio sort of way. You know what I mean.

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