Things I Love About Today

Meant to post this last night…

1. Little red curls dancing just below Ella’s ears.

2.  Pool party with very good friends; friends I’ve missed so much.

3.  watermelon.  The good, juicy, drips-down-your-chin kind.

4.  the smell of chlorine mixed with sunblock–I don’t know, I just love that smell.

5.  Standing under an umbrella at the pool in a rain shower.

6.  Watching my husband cut up all of the fruit for the fruit salad.  He’s a domestic diva.  Or divo.  Or whatever the manly version of diva is.

7.  William — 6 year old William — making my bed for me.  Just to make me happy.  🙂  I could just squeeze him!

8.  Lavender.  Is there a better smell?   

9.  The Bluebirds in my birdhouse.  How I love them.  Really.


Things I Love About Today

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