Okeedokee, so here’s something that works for me.  If you live in an area similar to mine (one with a LOT of development, a lot of trucked-in filler soil–and I use that term loosely), then you realize the challenge you have when it comes to gardening.  One way to overcome this obstacle is to try composting.  I haven’t done that yet.  Maybe someday, when I have the time to go out there and turn the pile everyday I might try it.  Once when I was a kid my parents had a “compost pile.”  They forgot to turn it or something and internal combustion raged and it caught fire.  Boy was that exciting to have the firemen at OUR house!  I think we got rid of the pile after that.  But I digress…

So my quickie tip is to save coffee grounds and tea leaves in a canister (I use an old plastic coffee tub), and maybe once a week take them and dump them in the garden.  If you cover them up with a little mulch, you’ll never even know they’re there, but your plants will.  Acid-loving plants love it.  It is also useful to spread them around the foundation of the house, where lime from the cement often leaches into the soil and neutralizes it, which can prevent some types of shrubs from flourishing.  The coffee grounds will provide a nice counterbalance.  Hopefully this will help some of y’all in your gardens!

For more works for me wednesday tips vistit Shannon over at rocks in my dryer.



4 thoughts on “WFMW

  1. We put coffee grounds AND the liners in our compost! I try to buy recycled all natural coffee liners….but can’t always find them. Even so, the paper in them is good composting material!

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