Going to the Doctor

Ella had her one year check up yesterday.  Since our baseball outing back in April I always find it helpful to write down a few “notes to self” for the next visit, in case I have forgotten the disaster that occurred at the previous visit.  So here goes — please do not overlook tip #1. 

1.  Ask a friend to watch the three children who are not being seen by the doctor.  Please, please ask someone.  You’ll regret it if you don’t.

2.  If you have to bring them all, bribe them to behave.  But if they misbehave, wait until you get back into the car to inform them that they are not getting their oreos.     

3.  Don’t peek out the venetian blinds that are tightly closed.  The children don’t even notice that they are there until you peek out of them. 

4.  Don’t ask any questions.  You don’t have time.  Your daily stipend of sanity will run out if you ask questions.

5.  Don’t use the hand sanitizer.  See #3.

6.  Be prepared to spend the remainder of the afternoon in snuggle mode.  Three shots are a lot for a baby girl to handle. 

Going to the Doctor

3 thoughts on “Going to the Doctor

  1. All very true. Now that my oldest is 13 (nearly 14!) I have a built in babysitter. And she doesn’t complain; she’s raking in the big bucks!

  2. marcy says:

    Kristen you always manage to make me chuckle…..you should have called me..i would have helped out with the kids. Why didn’t we call each other last week?

    Tip #7
    call your friends when you are about to do something insane 😉

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