On Boys and Organizing

I know what you’re thinking…boys and organizing don’t go together.  But I’ve got a bird (or two) of a different feather.  I could hear them conspiring in their room, whispering to each other.  This is what my boys did in there this morning:

This is their treasure drawer.  Notice the neatly-stacked sweatbands… 


These are some of their books–organized by size…


Check out the shoes, lined up all neat and tidy.  Their shirts are all folded (and you can’t tell from the picture but they are organized by length of sleeve).  Even the sleeping bags are stacked up!  Oh, my heart is all a-flutter!   


This is the top bunk.  Do you know how hard it is for me 4 and 6 year olds to make up the top bunk?!   


The finished product…


I don’t know how it happened…perhaps there is an organizing gene (which I have inherited, too), or maybe they have learned this particular form of insanity skill from watching the way their mommy folds towels.  Or maybe they’ve watched one too many episodes of Clean House… 

On Boys and Organizing

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