This one is a little different…this week we do what doesn’t work for me.  I’ve got quite a few of those, let me tell you.  But here’s are a few that really stick out:

1.  Eating food during mass.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t understand why people bring bags and containers of food for their kids.  Can they not go one hour without eating?  I once witnessed a woman rummage through her bag and whip out a bag of freshly carved ham for her boys.  HAM.  She looked at me and said “Whatever works, right?”  My husband and I still use that line and crack up.  We even jest about bringing bags of ham to Easter Mass, when we know we have to get there early.  

2.  Bringing toys to church.  I will probably get hate mail for this, but again, why people?  If your children cannot sit still for one hour(which I know is a long time for little ones) without something to amuse them (and believe me, I have several of these children) then attend mass without them, or stand in the back with all of us other people with the ants-in-the-pants children.  One time we tried letting the children bring bible stories to church, thinking that would be okay.  Do you know what they did?  They fought over who got which book.  Do you know what I did?  Bye bye books-in-church idea. 

3.  Wasting.  Anything.  Remember–waste not, want not.  

4.  Disorganization.  I’m feelin’ it right now.  If I am disorganized I will forget something, like why I went to the store (for pullups).  Until bedtime, when I remember that we are out of pullups.     

4.   Raising my voice to my kids (still working on this one).  I have found that if you talk in a very low, serious voice, they have to listen intently to understand what you’re saying, and it kind of freaks them out a little.  They know you mean business. 

5.  That curried split pea and potato soup.  Boy, did that not work. 

6.  Not recognizing the beauty in every day life.  I always wish I did. 

Head on over to Rocks In My Dryer for more useful and sometimes humorous things that don’t work!



One thought on “WFMW

  1. HAM?!?!?!? In church? In a Catholic church? Surely not! I brought bottled water when I was 8 months pregnant because I got dehydrated if I skipped my 9:00 water and I still felt guilty for sipping it during the sermon. (We’re Baptist, just FYI).

    As for the toys, I think crayons and coloring books will be our routine one day. I plan on having a ‘big church’ bag for Bri when she’s old enough to sit still and color during the sermon. Everything else, though, I can totally relate with.

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