Language Sample

We found out Henry had a severe hearing loss in both ears just after he turned two years old.  Since then, we have spent hours and hours each week in some form of therapy or testing.  Henry has been in auditory-verbal therapy for nearly two years now.  We spend a lot of time working both on understanding speech as well as producing speech.  Henry has more difficulty with the latter.

One of the things we are asked for with some degree of frequency is language samples from Henry.  Each week at therapy, spontaneous language samples he has produced are written down (in other words, things he says without prompting or assistance).  We use these samples to track his progress and developmental age.  Right now we are generally looking for 7-8 word sentences.  Yesterday, Henry produced the following 13 word sentence:

“Mommy, Daddy says you have boobies and nipples, and I have only nipples.”  

So I’m wondering, can I use this as a language sample?     


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Language Sample

5 thoughts on “Language Sample

  1. Ah, the mouths of babes. Priceless.

    We’re dealing with a speech delay as well. We’re just staring the process now seeing as how he’s not quite two yet. I don’t think we have a hearing loss issue though. We will see.

  2. ROTFLMBO!!!! Wow! What a good laugh! I love the way you started the post in such a serious, somber tone and then pulled out the punch line without any warning. Too funny! And very well written :o)

  3. Rebecca says:


    Why was this not shared with me in April???? Although – amidst all the boxes, I needed a good laugh today! And YES – use it as a language sample and be sure to share it with his first serious girlfriend too!

    Thanks for inviting me to view your blog…it’s made me laugh and cry in the last 5 minutes…I can’t wait to view more!

    🙂 RR

  4. As the speech therapist on the other side of that language sample… Yes, you can use it. We would love to get samples like that… we need to laugh, too!

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