Clue #1 that Mommy isn’t having a good day couple of days. 

What are these, you might ask.  Those, my friends, are Hershey kisses.  I like to sit and eat them, and then roll up the tinfoil into a nice little ball so that you can’t see the little paper tag.  I have even been known to unroll them if the tag is showing, and then re-roll them “correctly.”  It is a sickness of mine.  I don’t like the tags to stick out of the towels when I fold them, either; they must be neatly tucked in or it is just all wrong.  Washcloths, too. 

But let’s stick to the subject of chocolate.  We all remember the cookie incident.  I can assure you I do not exaggerate.  Yesterday I ate 11 oreos.  Today, 19 — NINETEEN — Hershey kisses.  I looked over to the table where I was collecting the silver ball kiss remnants, and realized I had eaten 13.  Then I looked in the bag and saw that there were only 6 left, and figured I might as well just eat them too, because 6 kisses is like a chocolate tease.  How could that possibly leave me sated when I have a chocolate attack???     

I worry about tomorrow.  The only chocolate I have left is that bittersweet baking chocolate, blech.  Well that, and a box of chocolates that my mom bought me in Paris.  Parisienne chocolates.  I really don’t want to eat them when I’m in this state of mind.  I hope tomorrow is a better day, but based on my schedule of events for tomorrow, I’d say the parisienne chocolates are history. 


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