Field Trip

Today was a big day for my little girl.  It was her first big field trip without me.  She was going to the zoo, and I got a big list of “do’s” and “don’ts” from the teacher for the big event: 

  • don’t send glass bottles
  • do send disposable containers for lunch
  • do bring a disposable camera
  • do dress for the weather
  • do wear sneakers

etc, etc.  It was fun packing for the big field trip.  We bought her a disposable camera, and a special treat for her lunch.  Together we imagined which animals she would get to see, and who her class-buddy would be.  Now, when you imagine going to the zoo, you imagine a fun, happy, bright sunny day, right?  So here was today’s hour-by-hour forecast:

  • 7:00am RAIN
  • 8:00am RAIN
  • 9:00am RAIN
  • 10:00am RAIN
  • 11:00am RAIN
  • 12:00pm RAIN

Luckily at 1:00 it changes:

  • 1:00pm RAIN/THUNDER
  • 2:00pm RAIN/THUNDER
  • 3:00pm RAIN/THUNDER

No, I’m not kidding.  I thought to myself “Well, the forecast is never very accurate.  Surely it won’t be this bad.  It can’t rain all day.”   Well let me tell you there has never been a more accurate forecast in the history of meterology.  I checked the do’s and don’ts list for a rain date, and right there in bold lettering it says “RAIN OR SHINE.”  Frowny face.  I helped her pick out her clothes for such a lovely day as this, and gave her a few safety reminders before we headed to the bus stop. 

And off she went, with a warm, water-resistant coat and umbrella, on a chilly spring morning to the zoo.  Without me.  I hope she was warm.  I hope she stayed semi-dry.  I sure hope she had fun. 


Field Trip

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