If you’re like me, you LOVE this time of year!  I mean, who doesn’t love planting herbs and flowers in little pots and placing them out on the deck to enjoy.  Who doesn’t love picking fresh herbs to use in the kitchen?  I mean that is unless they are full of squirrel butt.  Yes, I said squirrel butt. 

I bought three basil plants, potted them and put them out on my deck.  Well, Chester B. Squirrel decided that he would sit on one of them.  Right on top of the basil, as though it were a cushion or something.  He sat on my basil and licked the pot.  Yes, licked the pot.  He came day after day, sat in the same basil plant, and licked the pot.  Sometimes he files his teeth on the pot, too.  At any rate, I don’t mind Chester B. Squirrel visiting now and then, but I draw the line at a squirrel’s rear end in my basil.  How am I supposed to eat that? 

So what I did was sprinkle red pepper flakes in the pot.  And I did not see Chester for a few days.  (Until it rained and then he was back.)  So my very handy tip for you is if you want to keep squirrels out of your plants and feeders, sprinkle some red pepper flakes in them.  The birds don’t mind the flakes, but the squirrels do!  Just remember that once it rains, you must add more flakes.  Hope this helps you!  Check out more very useful tips at





5 thoughts on “WFMW

  1. Great tip! Seeing as how I live in Arizona though we don’t see a lot of squirrels round these parts. You got any ideas for keeping snakes and scorpions away? 🙂

  2. kristenkj says:

    Snakes and scorpions…nope, sorry, can’t help you out there. We do get a lot of snakes here, but I don’t know how to keep them away! Luckily, they do help control the mouse population…

    Kelsey-good luck with the flakes!

  3. Madelaine says:

    Okay, I just googled “squirrel licking basil pot” because I had the very same thing happen today! Weird. I wonder why? I’ll try the pepper flakes. Thanks, internets!

  4. kristenkj says:

    Hey Madelaine, I figured my squirrel was just a little bit nutty. And yes, that pun was totally intended! Let me know if the flakes work!

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