Sick Again, People

Oh. my. What. the. heck.  (or another expletive would work here, too).  I am sick again.  Swollen glands, stuffy nose, hurty, hurty, hurty.  Why, oh why.  I have no other words, other than to say that if you don’t hear from me for a while, it is because my head is full of tissue-filler, and I have no room in there for creative writing.  

Maybe I should do a poll on how many boxes of tissues I’ll go through with this cold.  Maybe I should buy stock in tissues.  Maybe I should just go to bed. 

Sick Again, People

2 thoughts on “Sick Again, People

  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and entering my giveaway, good luck! We all passed around head colds last month. Maybe a cup of coffee or chai would make you feel better??

  2. kristenkj says:

    You know, it is quite possible that a steaming hot cup of coffee would do wonders for me! Thanks for visiting! I’ve got to go blow my nose now…

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