Lunchtime for kids can be boring and mundane, or it can be fun, fresh and exciting.  I first came across this idea a couple years ago when summer vacation started for the kiddos.  I admit, I have not kept up with the menu, which I’ll just go ahead and blame on Ella.  A 10 month old baby girl that is into everything (including pulling out all the sandwich baggies from their box as I type this) makes everything a little more challenging…  But the idea is this:  I make out a weekly lunch menu, enlisting the kids for help with ideas.  We make fun things for lunch, like pbj sushi, veggies and crackers with pb dip, cheese quesadillas with salsa and cucumbers on the side, smoothies and muffins, chicken nuggets with veggie dippers, and cheese sampler plates with fresh fruit, etc.  They are always excited to see what is for lunch that day, and they always eat a good meal!  Plus, they love to help prepare the meals, so it becomes an activity and learning experience as well.  What could be better!  Check out more Works For Me Wednesday ideas at





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