The following events occurred on October 23, 2007.  They are worth revisiting…

Today I was walking around Target, trying desperately to pick up a few things for supper, along with a couple outfits for Ella, since she has very little that is warm to wear.  We were running out of time, she was getting fussy as we had been perusing the food isles for about an hour and had finally made it over to the baby clothes section.  I had been prodding Henry along the entire time…”put the taco shells back,”  “we’re not buying candy,” “don’t touch the wine!!!”

As I’m zipping through the isles in the baby clothes section, I hear Henry rather loudly ask me

“Mom, can I eat this booger?” 

I begin to walk a little faster and ignore him, hoping he will either 1)wipe that booger off on something; or 2) just eat it and get it over with.  Again, I hear–only louder this time–


Again, I ignore, and slip behind a rack to try to distance myself from this 3 year old boy, who at this point I am sure is just trying to get a rise out of me.  He knew very well that I would not want him to eat that booger.  I am now sure that all of the moms in the baby clothes section have heard the booger question, and are looking around trying to figure out which kid it is that wants to eat the booger.  Oh, it must be that one over there, the one with the bright red hair and the huge black booger on his fingertip. 

Henry asks AGAIN.  To add insult to injury, (as if I could have possibly NOT heard Henry ask his question 3 times), the previously silent William decides to make sure and asks,


I now understand that this booger issue is not going to evaporate as I had hoped, so I rifled through my bag for a tissue, but there was nary a tissue to be found.  As quickly and as quietly as I could, I said “NO.  Just wipe it on the floor Henry.”  Of course, Henry can’t hear so well, so he says “What?”  and William says nice and loud so that Henry (and all of the other nice, clean, respectable moms who are now peering through the clothing racks to watch) can hear


So, with that, I gathered up the few shreds of dignity I had left, paid for my groceries and went home.  As for the booger, not sure where it ended up. 





9 thoughts on “Boogers

  1. Oooh boy, I can relate to that. I have definitely had those Target trips where you leave large portions of both your money and your dignity at the store. Luckily I never leave my house anymore so it’s no longer a problem. 🙂

    I just saw your comment at Rocks In My Dryer about the ups and down of blogging and just wanted to say I can totally relate! I was actually just thinking that same thing when I read your comment — it’s crazy how much I can love blogging or hate blogging depending on the response I get.

    Anyway, I love your writing style. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. kristenkj says:

    Thanks for the comments girls! It’s funny how much we all seem to have in common sometimes. I know most moms have had at least one “bury your face” embarassing moment at the hands of one of their children. I’m sure “the booger” won’t be the last of mine. 🙂

  3. Just had to stop by and say ‘hi’ since you were featured/added to THAT Family Tree Society. Great post, it’s even better reading the whole post vs. what I had in mind. My three are still too small (almost) to embarrass me that much, but I’m sure my time is coming. Thank you for sharing. I love your blog!

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