Yeehaw it’s Wednesday!  That means another addition of Works For Me Wednesday.  Here goes…  This is that most beautiful time of year when all the lilies are beginning to pop through the earth.  I get SO excited when I walk outside and see what is new each morning.  Until it happens…the beautiful green shoots are nibbled to the ground by the deer, or the bunnies, or whatever other wildlife munches greens.  I have found the most wonderful product–invisible fence.  It has made my gardens deer, etc.,  resistant-no kidding.  And not only that, it is all natural!  The other night around midnight I awoke to find the deer, three of them, in my neighbors front yard munching his new grass.  The next morning, I went outside to see whether or not my plants had been touched, and not one little tender leaf had been touched!  So while I was highly skeptical that it would work, I am now highly recommending it to anyone who will listen–that’s YOU folks!  Good luck, and happy gardening!  Please visit Shannon at for more awesome tips!!!



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