Fixing the Vacuum

I thought I was on a roll with this blogging thing, until the flu hit.  I seem to have lost my creative flow.  Or maybe life just got dull, I don’t know.  I’m STILL trying to get rid of the head cold that ensued after the flu.  Anyhoo…

When I started this blog, I figured I would get on here and just quickly jot down something clever each day.  Because surely there are funny, clever, sweet, touching moments that happen in my life every day.  But I’m just drawing blanks y’all.  Part of me just wants to write a brief synopsis of what happened each day, but does anyone really want to hear that?  So I’m struggling right now with where to take this thing.  Bear with me.

On another note, I must share my brilliance of the day.   We bought a vacuum cleaner about 1 year ago.  I thought it was a fantastic vacuum, I loved it, and it was a little pricey, but my mother always told me to spend the money on the vacuum, because the cheap ones don’t work.  Okay, so fast forward about 9 months.  The brush on the vacuum doesn’t work.  You need the brush for the carpets.  You have to whack the side of the vacuum to get the brush to rotate.  In our house, my husband is the designated vacuumer, and his clever trick to get it to work was to “shock” it into action.  He would turn the vacuum on, and in a quick hurry thrust it forward in the hopes that the brush would be jump-started and begin rotating.  I get a chuckle just thinking about him doing this, over and over, until he finally becomes furious and gives up.  He swears it worked, but I don’t know.  So this little problem has been plaguing us for months, right?  I asked if it was under warranty, and he never sent the papers in.  (In my defense, I was very large and pregnant, and I could not be trusted with any important documents).  I said well, we’ll just have to pay to get it fixed.  So we look up where the service centers are, and the closest one is about 1 hour away.  This just ticks my dear husband off to no end.  

“We’re buying a new vacuum.”  He announces.

“No we’re not.  That thing is practically brand new.  I’m not spending $500 on another vacuum.”

“Well then I’m leaving right now to take this thing to Fairfax to the service center.”

“David, don’t be ridiculous.  It is Sunday, I’m sure they’re not open.” 

“Well, then I’m not going to vacuum the carpets anymore.  The only thing that is going to get vacuumed in this house is the hardwood floors.  None of the carpets will get vacuumed.”  (I’m surprised he didn’t duck after he made this comment.) 

I think the argument may have escalated a little from that point on, something about buying a new couch before we spend more money on a vacuum or something like that. 

Today, I got tired of looking at the lint and such on the carpet, so I got the vacuum out, and decided to fix it.  So I did.  I fixed it.  I can hardly believe that what I did actually worked.  I unscrewed something that looked misaligned, and screwed it back together and damned if that brush didn’t start rotating!  I am so proud of myself I could just spit!


Fixing the Vacuum

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