wfmwNo big intro today…still suffering the effects of the Johnson Family Plague of 2008…  My big secret for you is a little product called Nature’s Miracle.  I have to date only been able to find it at pet stores.  This, my friends, is the miracle of all miracles for a mama with four kids and a large, messy dog (although we don’t have a dog anymore I still consider it a miracle).  This product with remove odors, and stains, of any natural element I have come across.  I have used it to remove coffee stains in carpet, blood, red wine, chocolate, mustard, catsup, vomit, poop, urine, mud, etc, etc, etc.  About 2 months ago, my daughter vomited in the car, and it was EVERYWHERE!  The smell was awful, and I feared we would never get it all out, but my dear husband set to the task of scrubbing it down with Nature’s miracle and lo and behold, after about 3 days, the smell had vanished.  I have not yet come across a stain I cannot get out with this stuff.  Sometimes it takes a while, (as in the coffee stain in the carpet–it took about a month for the stain to fade completely), but eventually it works.  If you’ve got a stubborn stain or odor, give it a try.  Head over to Shannon’s at for more useful tips and tidbits!


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