Hearing the Rain

One of my favorite sounds is the sound of rain.  It is refreshing and cleansing, and it always gives me that cozy, snug-and-dry-in-my-house kind of feeling.  I could sit and watch it fall, and hear it’s gentle drumming on the roof for hours.  So it has always bothered me that Henry cannot enjoy that same sound.  Even with his hearing aids in, he does not seem to be able to hear it. 

We were in the car last week at a stop light, and the skies suddenly opened up with a downpour.  Rain is so much louder in the car! 

“Henry, do you hear the rain?”

With a look of wonder and amazement on his face, my little Henry said “Oh, yeah!”  and he turned his head to look out the window, grinning ear to ear.    

A few minutes later, I was chatting away to him, when he said to me in his sweet little four-year-old voice “Hey Mom, can you stop talking, because I need to hear the rain.”

And you better believe I didn’t speak another word. 

Hearing the Rain

3 thoughts on “Hearing the Rain

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for your blog write ups about your precious son Henry and raising a child with hearing loss. We just had a little boy 6 mths. Ago and found out he had bilateral hearing loss when he was a month old. He got his hearing aids on his 2 month birthday and is absolutely precious. I totally relate to everything you say about being sad for him and just adjusting to the fact that in others eyes he isn’t perfect. We have a daughter who is 3 and she has normal hearing so to have this happen has been quite the shock but we are getting through it. Thank you again!

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