This Mama Loves this Baby

Henry can’t hear.  Well, he can, but you have to nearly yell in order for him to hear you.  When I first found out that he had a hearing loss, I felt a terrible sense of sadness.  Sadness that he couldn’t hear the rain, or the birds, or the wind in the trees.  He probably didn’t know my voice.  He didn’t hear me when I sang to him.  It broke my heart that he was surviving and coping in a hearing world, but couldn’t hear what we all could.  At night, I would snuggle in his bed with him until he fell asleep.  I watched him drift off, not knowing whether or not to sing, not knowing how to communicate with my beautiful little boy.  The tears rolled freely down my cheeks on more than one occasion.  Then one night, I looked at him and he at me, and I put my finger to my nose and said “This Mama…” and then I touched his nose and said “Loves this baby.”  He grinned widely, and signed “more” to me, so I repeated it again, and again, and again.  And this became our bedtime ritual.  And this ritual reminds me of how wonderfully lucky I am to be the mama of this baby.

This Mama Loves this Baby

3 thoughts on “This Mama Loves this Baby

  1. Just found you tonight after your comment on another blog. I believe the comment was about hiding or trying to hide with your kids when people ring the doorbell. Laughed my head off because we too do the same thing. so anyway, I found you and was reading around, learning about you and your beautiful family and this entry touched me dearly. It is the sweetest thing ever, thank you for sharing it (although months ago) and giving me perspective. Kids are wonderful.
    This was the link I followed from –

  2. I just found your blog – reading this entry brought tears to my eyes in complete connection of the emotions that flow when you don’t know how much of what you say to your child is heard. I have two children, both with hearing loss, and to not know how much of what they hear when their aids are out – singing them their night time lullabies, like you, with tears rolling down my cheeks. We are still in the new discovery emotions, and learning every day.
    Your children are beautiful and I cannot wait to catch up on your posts and continue to follow you. Carry on beautiful momma!

  3. I know this was written years ago, but you have actually captured what I wanted to say (and perhaps a lot more moms all over the world would like to say too). I am Anna and I have a 3 year old little girl who happens to be deaf too. Just a few weeks ago, we launched our website, DecibelsofHope, a diary of parents raising deaf and Hard of hearing kids…My husband and I created this site because if not for the people who helped us we would not have the strength to help our daughter. We also wanted to be instrumental in empowering other parents, even in just our small little ways like providing an avenue of friendships, learning and support.
    I am now a follower of your blog…You have such an amazing site! I am glad to have found your blog. All the best to you and your family…-Anna

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