pink ballet slippers

I was sorting through some of Kate’s old clothes that I had saved–or more accurately couldn’t bear to part with–and came across Kate’s first pair of ballet slippers.  They were so tiny!  I sat there, clutching those tiny pink slippers, remembering when I was pregnant with her, my first baby.  I didn’t know whether I was having a boy or a girl, but I felt for certain that I would be a much better “boy mom” than “girl mom.”  I was not interested in tea parties, or ballet or really anything pink.  Until my little Kate came along, that is.  Suddenly, there was nothing more precious than a little two year old girl in a fluffy pink tutu holding a fairy wand streaming with ribbons.  I loved to sit and watch her ballet class, to see my little baby girl dancing around on her tippy-toes.  She was so darling, she was precious, she was mine.  And I was so thankful that the Lord knew that I would be a good “girl mom” too. 

pink ballet slippers

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