Today is a backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday(visit Rocks in my Dryer for more questions!), so I thought I would ask anyone out there in the blogosphere if it is possible to get that black mildew out of latex shower caulk (thank you for the suggestion Shannon!)  No amount of bleach is working for me, no amount of scrubbing, no amount of mildew remover–to this point–has worked.  Do I just have to remove and recaulk the entire shower?  HELP! 


2 thoughts on “WFMW

  1. I hate to tell you this, but you will probably need to remove the caulk and replace it. If the mildew gets down into a crack that the bleach sits on top of it there’s no way to kill it. You could try soft scrub – it sits there better, but if that won’t work you’re going to just have to bite the bullet and re-caulk.

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