Popcorn up my nose

Henry and I were watching “Clifford the Big Red Dog” the other day, enjoying a bowl of popcorn together.  I looked over at him and he had an uncomfortable, worried look on his face, and teary eyes. 

“Henry, what’s wrong?”

“Something hurts.  Something’s in my nose.” 

“What is in your nose, Henry?”


“There is popcorn  in your nose?”


“How did popcorn get in your nose?!”

“I don’t know!”  At this point he is beginning to come unglued as I am trying to figure out how on Earth he got popcorn IN his nose.  (How do you arrive at the idea of putting it in there in the first place?)  The tears are welling in his eyes, and his bottom lip is quivering as he realizes it doesn’t feel good and he doesn’t know how to get it out of there! 

“Oh honey, come here” I said, and he burst into tears.  I told him to blow his nose, and sure enough, out came the offender. 

“Henry, don’t put popcorn in your nose anymore. ”

“Okay, I won’t.”  🙂 

Popcorn up my nose

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