My New Shirt

It has been a while since I’ve worn something other than a plain old cotton T-shirt.  Let’s face it, my clothes are covered in oatmeal, spit-up, and smears of who-knows-what-else all day long.  It is just not worth the trouble to dry clean the spit up or leaking milk stains out of my clothes, so I have resorted to wearing the same few things over and over and over.  Well, I finally decided to get something new to wear.  I ordered a black lacey cap-sleeved shirt from my favorite store and when it was delivered, I tried it on right away.  I was looking at myself in the mirror, hair all a mess, no make-up, when Henry walks in and takes one look at me and says “Oh Mommy, you look beautiful, wight Mommy?!”  That boy could melt a heart of stone. 

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Laundry is my nemesis. And also dust.

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