Copy Cat

Henry has been quite the “copy cat” lately.  He does it mostly to irritate his big brother, and boy does it work.  Well, we told William this weekend that when Henry starts to copy cat him, he needs to trick him into saying clever things, like “William is so cool.”  So today Henry decided to copy cat ME.  It went this way:

Henry-“Mommy, is that my bagel?”

Mommy-“Yep.”  Then realizing I should be modeling nice, long sentences for Henry, I continued, “Yes, this is your bagel.”

Henry- (said with a devilish smile) “Yes, this is your bagel.” 

Mommy-(said very cleverly) “Mommy is SOOOOO beautiful.”

Henry-(said very cleverly-er) “ME TOO!”

Oh, that boy.

Copy Cat

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