Brotherly Love

Sometime in the Autumn of 2005

I remember this moment as clearly as if it were yesterday.  It was one of those picture-perfect Autumn days…cool and crisp.  The sun was shining brightly and leaves gently swirled around us as they fell from the trees to the ground where they crunched under our feet.  We had gone to pick Kate up from preschool, and I had dressed the boys the same that day.  They were both wearing khaki pants and their new quilted navy blue jackets.  William walked a bit ahead of Henry and I, but then turned around and said “Henry, come here!”  He became the leader, and took his little brother’s hand.  They smiled at each other, and Henry looked up at his big brother with complete adoration.  My heart swelled with joy, for it was in this moment that I could see the love between two brothers grow.  Of course 10 minutes later they were spitting on each other in the car, but that’s a story for another day. 

Brotherly Love

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