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Now with all of the “extra energy” (from all of the awful running) I have, I decided to make some Easter goodies (that I can’t eat because of all of the awful calorie counting). 

Poppy was napping.  What a life.

As soon as she heard the mixer she came over to sniff around for some butter.

She gave me her “please feed me because I am so cute” pose.  That dog barfs like every day, so I did not feed her any butter.  Poppy decided that the baking was boring, and not lucrative in a food kind of way, and that it was exhausting to sniff around and beg and whine like that.  So she went back to the couch for a little naptime.

I’m not even kidding about that dog, either.  Naptime is all the time. 

Anyway, I made up the dough and put it in the fridge for later, then started on the peeps. 

Henry and Ella helped me dip the peeps in chocolate and put on the sprinkles.  Those peeps…they just sat there staring at me. 

They had to dry, so I started on the cookies.  Oh cookies.  How I love thee.

I rolled out a bunch of the dough, and began with the cutting. 

Cutting and cutting and cutting.

And then piping and piping and piping.

They did not quite turn out the way I had planned.  In my head, they were way better.  I’m pretty sure I always set myself up for failure that way.  


Meanwhile, Poppy continued to nap. 

Poor, poor Poppy.  She has it so rough.