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We dyed Easter eggs today.  Only a few spills.  Only a few stains.  We nearly have the mess-containment down to a science.  It’s only been 8 years, after all.  Although Ella kind of threw us off.  But just a little. 

The Man made his brown/gray/ugly egg.  He makes the ugliest eggs.  Seriously.  He does it on purpose.  To frustrate me.  Because I like the pretty eggs, and that one ugly egg just throws the entire color scheme off.  And that is just frustrating.  I go to great lengths to make sure everything blends.  The brown/gray/ugly egg blends with nothing people.  It’s like the color of playdoh when you mix all the colors up. 

And that is another thing that drives me nuts.  In my quest to have the playdoh colors remain in their original state,  I allow my children to use only one color of playdoh at a time.  That way, you see, the colors don’t get mixed up.  You may call me the playdoh nazi.  I know, I am a bit of a control freak.  Is that so wrong?   

But back to the Easter.  The other day I tried on my new Easter dress.  I haven’t had a new Easter dress in a L.O.N.G. time.  So this year I got one.  And I tried it on.  It was then that I realized…with only two more shopping days until Easter…that I don’t have the right bra to wear. 

The Man suggested I go without.  Fat lotta help he is.

So I had to go to Target — with four kids in tow because it’s spring break — to shop for a bra.  It was going okay until the boys spotted the ruffley see-through mesh crazy panties.  Mm-hmm.  I’ll spare you the details.  I’m sure you can imagine.

So now three pairs of pants, three shirts and three dresses are pressed.  The tiny little gloves and bonnets and patent leather shoes are ready.  The baskets will be filled and we will attend Mass tomorrow through a sugar haze.  Then we will head over to my parents’ home, where we will enjoy an Easter feast and the company of my entire family. 

And I will be thankful for everything.  (Except for possibly the ugly egg.) 

And I will remember I am blessed well beyond what I deserve. 

Happy Easter…