Dear Tooth Fairy,

I understand the enormous pressure you are under to visit each and every child that has lost a tooth each night.  And that it must be hard to do all that flying around that you do with those teeny tiny wings you’ve got. 

That said, let me just say that last night, you messed up.  You messed up bigtime. 

You forgot my Kate.  (Or Kathryn as she now wishes to be called.  Because she’s all mature now.) 

I had to pick up the pieces for you this morning. 

I had to assuage her frustration with you, after reading the angry note she wrote to you, wondering why you left her “nothing, not even a penny.” 

I had to assure her that you would be sure to come tonight, and that I am certain you did not forget her, you were just really busy.  Do you know how sad it is to look in the face of a little girl that wonders why she was forgotten? 

Now, again, I realize you are busy.  However, I would appreciate it if you would not forget Kathryn tonight.  Or ever again for that matter.     


one sad mommy